Church of the Almighty Dollar

The Morgan Creed

Poverty is a Mortal Sin and Wealth is The Revealed State for Everlasting Grace.

The Morgan Church is God’s Holy Will on earth. The Morgan Church and Stock Exchange is the Lord’s holy altar that unites Christianity, Islam, and all religions of the world to the will of the one true and just God.

Extraordinary wealth accumulation will purchase life everlasting with the Lord, on earth, and in an affordable location.

Worship the Lord thy God, every minute of every day by being productive, for it propels true believers further from death’s door.

Every effort not spent earning an estate capable of providing an everlasting annuity is wasteful and thus a mortal sin and fatal.

There are great burdens in life, but none greater than the sin of poverty, an unnatural existence that carries with it the horrible penalty of premature death.

There is no paradise but for the paradise that true believers invest in on Earth.

God is all powerful and He challenges your Faith every day.  To prove yourself , the Lord requires a quid pro quo; a Tithing, for only in tithing  is there an essential demonstation of faith and the greater the tithe, the greater will be the Lord’s demonstration of his glory. In all that you earn, pay the Lord first and you will receive His blessing, His bounty, and, in everlasting life,  a thousand fold return on your investment .

Church Background

In the latter quarter of the twentieth century, at the tail end of what would become America’s First Republic, the great, important beliefs of true faith created a natural empathy that drew Fundamentalist Evangelical Churches and Entrepreneurial Business leaders into a god-loving corporate alliance of blood-brothers tasked to take back America from free spending Satanist Socialist Progressives in order to protect America’s God-given assets and her future greatness.

Together, these two great forces for good created an electoral plurality that sent a majority of good faith conservative Christian politicians to Washington to perform the yeoman work of rolling back decades of perversion, the harvest of sin and of waste, the putrescent onslaught on a great Christian Nation brought forth by tax-and-spend Liberals, Socialists, Atheists, Aborters, and queers and their fellow travelers.

But then the global climate began to act in unpredictable ways and enough loved ones died to convince too many conservative voters that those denying science might not be attuned to God’s wishes while others still saw it as the beginning of the end of times and they were reassured.

Ironic as is it seems today, while climate change was foretelling the end and God’s coming and disasters were cutting so many lives and revenue streams short, the American life sciences industry began cracking the code for everlasting life and so the dream of God and heaven was diminished in those who could afford to give forever a run and by the conflicted righteous who weren’t sure how they felt about meeting God in the flesh, here on earth.

As a result of these travails, the glorious Conservative-Christian political alliance foundered leading to political defeat, the return of Progressive rogues with satanic intent, and the Ship of State foundered once again.

At all cost, the Holy alliance must reform for it is imperative that we save America, take it back from evil Progressives who never truly understood the honor of being an American—white majority, male-dominated, Christian and all business, all the time. We are God’s chosen people and thus America must be the land our founders created not the one Socialists and Commies stole after infiltrating the Democratic Party almost 150 years ago.

What was needed was a Holy Political War with the Church of Morgan in the lead, re-establishing Christ’s voting majority by merging the core beliefs of a blessed majority of God-loving incorporated business persons and a Prosperity Gospel for the people to live by and work by in order for God’s chosen to regain the power and remake America into the paradise envisioned by our Founding Fathers guided by Alexander Hamilton and renewed by the Most Blessed Ronald Reagan.

Today, victory is ours. Americans, in their hearts, in their minds, and in their financial transactions now hold the Morgan Church of the Almighty Dollar most dear for we represent Our Most Modern Lord and savior and our Church is his chapel, his revered Earthly marketplace.

The Most Perfect Gospel

(Summary) Courtesy of Saint Thomas Morgan, Founder, the Morgan Church (and Stock Exchange) of the Almighty Dollar

In the beginning, there was survival of the fittest, the Capitalist world; fierce, relentless, and unforgiving. That world continues and unless committed to Capitalism through Christ, body and blood, as is always the way with creative destruction, the world will chew a nonbeliever up and spit him out. The way to God, by design, must be difficult and productive work, and it is not for the slothful. But the Lord is compassionate and so he brought forth his final form of Christianity, the Morgan Church, to prepare his Chosen Financial People for life everlasting in his presence. And he chose me as his last Messiah, a role I most humbly accept.

But even with God’s assistance, it is harder to start a religion than it is to create a profitable business because Americans are conservative and as such, new and better doesn’t sell in theology nearly as well as properly marketed products and services sell in commercial markets, though there are great similarities.

Starting a religion is even more difficult if you are an atheist, which I was until that fateful night that God came into my life.

Until that glorious night in my Executive office at U.S. Angs, the leading food intermediate manufacturer in the United States, my career was far outside the theological—or so I thought. But that fateful night, the Holy Spirit finally entered my soul and illuminated my life and what it showed me was beyond startling. My business career was precisely what God intends for us all! That He wants wealth for mankind, that He wants what I believe, it felt like a miracle and immediately I reconsidered my atheist ways and I have never looked back or had a moment of doubt or soul searching. My faith in the Lord’s economy is that strong.

In my Gospel, I tell you gladly how my soul became infused with the holiest of holies but I caution you, disbelieve at your peril for if you are not of us, your life on God’s money-green, gold, and silver earth is doomed to be short and sad, and whatever appreciation you earn on your assets will be short-lived compared to forever, a true believer’s life span. You will live a life limited to the quest for a false paradise of your own imagining and you will end your days like a glutton arriving too late at a feast.

For those who believe in the Lord and dedicate their life to achieving a true financial paradise, who never doubt that God is with you, forever here on Earth at a location of your choosing, that is your reward. The Great Market Maker has that power and he has spoken to me and so this I know to be true.

The Life and Times of St. Thomas Morgan

St Thomas was born in Philadelphia, a First Republic city near current Franklin Town, Pennsylvania. He grew up during the Great Depression and prospered as a key member of the Capitalist boom generation that followed the World Wars and gave birth to the various Industrial Complexes that drove America 1.0 to economic greatness. As God’s true defenders of the world and its economy, Americans, then, knew no limits and the world quaked at our military, economic and moral superiority.

After graduating from Liberty College with a degree in Economics, St. Thomas received his Master of Business degree at Drexel Tech (Now the A. J. Drexel International University Complex). He spent two years as an apprentice in a small stock brokerage, learning the ropes and then, after earning his Doctorate in Behavioral Economics from Chicago University, he spent a year at the Sorbonne finding and nurturing international business connections paying for that privilege from the profits gleaned from his innate feel for clients.

Post Sorbonne, he returned to America to build his portfolio, first at AIG, then Bear Stearns, until finally clawing his way into the Capitalist Mecca at Goldman Sachs. During that time, he fell in love with the dynamics of free markets and the wondrous world of capital with its unique ability to make one truly free.

Though he didn’t know it at the time, God, who truly works in mysterious ways, intended for him to try his hand in the rapidly deteriorating Manufacturing Industry of the U.S. economy. When he resigned, his mentors at Goldman Sachs told him he was insane but the Lord had opened a clear path for him to follow. As always for gifted Capitalists, God rewarded his hard work, with connections, and that allowed him to stockpile vast wealth.

One day, while working on his laptop in his office-tomb, God spoke to him through the speakers of his laptop and bade St. Thomas to create a capitalist religion. From that, America 2.0, American Theonomy was born.

 The Morgan Free Market Prayer

The Market and the people are one and the same


Buying, selling, and consuming is the true democracy


Popular will is expressed through the law of supply and demand


Populism is market economics


Opposition to the verdict of the market is elitism


The Nations and the Peoples shall rejoice


God the market is Great;


*Music and lyrics by Kevin Phillips, Wealth and Democracy

Magnates (Or Entrepreneurs or Executives)

That cadre of pious, true believers in free market capitalism who climbed to the top of the economic pyramid, through diligence, hard work, and connections to become the priests of America 2.0

“Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.” H. Balzac