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In the Mesh, the knowledge of the great, omniscient God Gecko. Relevant parts are listed on this site for easy reference


Also Conducers. Anyone surviving in the economy of America 1.0 over the age of thirteen who are worth more than it costs them to survive.


Avatar In Hindu is an incarnation, appearance, or manifestation of a God, usually Vishnu. In the Mesh, avatars were the agents of the all-seeing, all-knowing great God, Gecko.

Chairman of the Board of the United States

The most powerful member on the board of directors who provides leadership to the country’s officers and executives. The Chairman of the Board ensures that the nation’s duties to their shareholders are being fulfilled by acting as a link between the board and upper management. The first Chairman, Andrew M. Crelli, was the autocratic ruler of the United States. Crelli was the former President who, in 2052, took this title and the power from then President Mark Rose.

Circle of Life National Waste Removal Program.

This law was part of the vital Omnibus National Budget Reengineering Act of 2034 passed to reduce the staggering debt and deficit by eliminating all individual and corporate entitlements. It was subsequently amended to allow for the elimination of any individual (by extermination) or corporation (by divestiture) that cost more than they were worth in order to permanently reduce the size of the country to manageable levels and balance the budget.

Sponsors of the Circle of Life legislation are heroes credited with the rebirth of the American economy (America 2.0), the return of long term economic growth and a new Golden Age that continued through the reign of Chairman Crelli’s successor, Chairwoman Tanya Brandt.

“But for the entrepreneur, in all economic endeavors, it is the human that is the variable, the least productive, the limiting factor. Reduce that one resource and profits will flow.” A. Crelli


A term that further defines Assets, consumer-producers. A Conducer owned little and worked his entire life with the hope that some day he would get a break, become an entrepreneur and acquire enough wealth to live forever.

Greenhouse, LLC

Greenhouses sprung up throughout America during the Great Reengineering as a misguided attempt to save the poor. The Downsizing (or Rightsizing) of America was necessary and proper due to the economic compression. In the locations hardest hit by the declining economy, Greenhouses provided funds to small and medium sized businesses to subsidize hiring of the unemployed at a living wage. Employers paid employees the minimum wage while the subsidy from the Greenhouse made up the difference.

Additional Greenhouse services included extensive work and life training to enhance workers’ bankable work habits. This included training and education, support for those aged out of the economy or too sick to contribute.

Greenhouse funding enabled wounded and failing companies to hire labor with reduced costs while pricing their products and services for competitive advantage which improved their bottom line and created more tax revenue for failing local municipalities (Income taxes, payroll taxes, value added taxes, etc…). These facilities provided important work to the unemployed while increasing demand for products and services in local neighborhoods some of which were revitalized.

Intervention in Free Markets is abhorrent to all that America 2.0 believes in and President Andrew Crelli, endeavoring to end all hints of socialism put an end to Greenhouses by creating similar ventures whose sole purpose was to attract the poor for elimination (See Roach Motels). Like the people they helped, Greenhouses disappeared.

Department of Homeland Security HomeSec — DHS

One of the very few Government agencies to exist after America 1.0 was liquidated. Founded to prevent terrorism,  HomeSec was rebranded to make American commerce safe and efficient.

In any country there are people who must die. They are the sacrifices a nation must make to achieve law and order.” I Amin Dacla


Once called the Internet and subsequently the Cloud, under the control of the great god, Gecko, the Mesh is significantly faster and has broader bandwidth and greater functionality in order to support full time, real time surveillance of everything.

Morgan, Thomas

Chairman of the Board of U.S. Angst (U.S.A. Natural Grain Stuffs, Inc.), the largest corporation in America. Tom Morgan was a cleric who became the founder of the last great Christian religion, The Church of the Almighty Dollar.

One lapsed moment, one brief loss of concentration, one job not done or effort not given, one day or one hour of work missed, even one is enough to attract the foul stench of inefficiency that brings Death to your door. Death never rests; nor should you. Life everlasting is surely worth that dedication.” Saint Thomas Morgan.

“God’s work on earth can truly be our own. Each pious man, educated and armed with economic and financial tools, working as hard as humanely possible, can be assured one day, he will walk with God, forever. There is nothing better in life than that.” Saint Thomas Morgan

Morgan Church of the Almighty Dollar 

As America 1.0 failed, the terrified Christian population scurried to find a new god because their old one was no longer working for them, or at least not well enough to believe in and worship. A change of religion has occurred many times before in America when a vibrant new take on theology absorbs dissatisfied religious customers in their desperate search for miracles. In the mid-21st Century, the beneficiary of this great Christian Apostasy was the Morgan Church of the Almighty Dollar that promised everlasting life on earth in a location of your choosing for the high net worth true believer.


The manipulation of atoms and molecules by design in the construction of financially useful objects.


Personal Identification Devices. Advanced computer chips inserted into the lower back or the fleshy part of the forearm. Implemented along with the Circle of Life legislation, every Asset and Liability was required to have one. Initially designed for security, shopping convenience and medical monitoring, PIDS track the minute by minute economic performance of Assets sending waves of reinforcement the Asset’s brain.

Wasters living in America 2.0’s Unincorporated Lands tried to hijack the value on the PIDS from passing travelers and commercial traffic.

By the mid twenty-first century, most Americans and many around the world owned PIDs which were used in virtually every phase of commerce and personal life.

Reverend Arius Cavanaugh

A popular media personality. In 2026, the Reverend acquired a series of media franchises from popular but declining right wing media personalities and used them to anger and divide the rich and productive from the poor. Cavanaugh gained notoriety by creating an elaborate traveling tent show utilizing scantily-clad attractive reality show celebrities to attract audiences. The Reverend’s shows were famous for their rock and roll laser and light shows including fireworks, large choirs and bands. Occasionally, the Reverend performed miracles.

When America 1.0 could no longer provide security in the cities and towns, Cavanaugh built a private army of retired military personnel who had gained their experience in the too many foreign wars America fought. After Andrew Crelli was elected President, much of what Cavanaugh preached, including the elimination of the poor came to pass. With the ascendancy of Morgan and the disappearance of the poor, Cavanaugh became an economic faith healer.

Surveilleagles (Drones)

Mobile, tactical surveillance vehicles designed to blend into the environment (ants and bugs, cats and dogs, etc.) or to keep the peace (eagles, lions, and tigers up-armored with advanced weaponry). Utilized first during the period when Omar Smith and other terrorists attempted to destroy America 1.0 replacing it with socialism and sharia law, these drones patrolled the world to keep the economic peace.


Former terrorists and rebels under the leadership of Glen “Omar” Smith and on the losing side of the economic rebellions of the 2020s and 2030s. Captured and sentenced to serve long terms in work camps throughout the country, over time, these camps became self sufficient and the terrorists were permitted some freedom. Eventually they were allowed to contribute to local communities by performing tasks once reserved for municipal governments.

As Tollers, they were assigned responsibility for highway upkeep financed by tolls they collected, hence their new name. Tollers expanded their brand into waste removal and snow removal and as local governments went bankrupt and could no longer support their communities, Tollers took on other low value services.

Unincorporated Lands

Throughout America 2.0, there was excess, less productive land, once owned publicly or privately, but due to the rapid compression of the American economy and its population, large tracts were no longer supportable due to the lack of tax revenue or inability to provide for deteriorating infrastructure.

A population of disenfranchised American Wasters who could no longer support their lifestyles due to lack of employment opportunity moved to these abandoned properties and formed renegade communities and barter economies. These unincorporated lands were generally ignored by Corporate America until they produced enough to effect markets, which wasn’t often.


A virtual reality application where Assets and Liabilities learn via sophisticated full immersion simulation by interacting with avatars in conditions that simulate and extend the real world providing limitless possibilities. The technology eliminated socialist teachers and socialist teacher unions providing a capitalist road to real value for those who could afford it. Those who could not afford vouchers became Wasters and died.


Anyone who costs more than they are worth.