Fathers, Sons, and Holy Spirits


The tempests are coming! Climate change looms like Damocles’ sword over a restive citizenry that is enduring an inordinate income and opportunity divide. There is widespread unemployment and the jobs that exist don’t pay a living wage while a divided government extends its favors to the rich only. The for-profit media adds to the discord, creating corrosive relationships and deep political divisions that make cooperation impossible. Burdened by paralytic debt and deficit, the government of America 1.0, is helpless to mitigate the fear.

Rising tides, dispiriting droughts, and relentless raging storms compel vulnerable homeowners, renters, and small businesses to abandon their property but there is no safe place to flee for the government of America 1.0 protects the status quo most of all. Failing business leads to failing communities and Americans who don’t like their neighbors anyway, find destitute and unwanted migrants, eustatic (the effects of rising tides) refugees, aliens; strangers on their doorsteps. Americans aren’t comfortable living so close to the grave and terror stalks the land.

Desperate times make desperate people to do desperate things. Friction leads to conflagration that becomes America’s second Civil War, a City Mouse-Country Mouse Civil War between rural, mostly Christian conservative Americans who encircle the more liberal rich and poor living in more secular cities. What opportunity exists in America, it exists for terrorists. The burgeoning population of the hopeless, at risk, and forever poor attracts leaders who overpromise while funding insurrection. America 1.0 burns. The economy collapses.

In 2053, the Magnates of America 1.0 liquidate the country and downsize its population—an economic genocide that eradicates millions of unproductive citizens. In its place they create a more efficient autocratic theonomy, an amalgam of the Christian prosperity Gospel and pure libertarian greed that becomes a triumphant America 2.0. Led by the C.E.O. of the largest technology company in the world, Chairman of the Board, ANDREW CRELLI, the American economy stratifies into four classes, the Magnates, the rich and powerful who rule the economy, Assets who survive so long as they create more value than it costs to live, Liabilities, children under the age of thirteen who borrow from their Asset parents throughout childhood and once they become Assets, work to pay-off that debt, with interest, and Wasters, the apostate, the failed, shunned by an uncaring government and left to eke out survival in the low cost Unincorporated economic wastelands of America while the Magnates prosper and live forever clinging to their Christian-Capitalist religion, the Morgan Church of the Almighty Dollar.

Mankind has lost its way, lost its soul. There is only economics, but in these darkest of times, there is also hope. In 2053, GIL ROSE, the last bi-racial child in America, is born into the empirical, unfeeling world of money. His struggle to find love and grow to become mankind’s Savior is the story of “The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirits, A Secular Love Story”.

Like the works of Margaret Atwood, Octavia Butler, Paolo Bacigalupi, Aldous Huxley, and Jonathan Swift, “The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirits, A Secular Love Story,” is a cautionary tale. It is the story of endemic greed and America’s future, a future no reader should ever want for them or their children. It is a time when capitalism’s triumph is complete and our culture, our government, and our religion are for profit operations. It is also a road map, a way out, a tale of love and redemption.